Video - Rio Naranja Trimac

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Video - Rio Naranja Trimac

Post  bad-daddio on 2014-03-27, 09:55

And just for fun, here is a short video of my Rio Naranja Trimac. He's just shy of 6 inches and is just starting to get a some attitude.

Yes, I know the glass is horribly dirty (inside and out). This is just a 75G grow out tank that I set up for him in the garage, and I really don't worry too much about how clean the glass is. We will be buying a new house soon and when we do, he will be getting a much bigger, nicer tank and probably a hot little girlfriend too Smile

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Re: Video - Rio Naranja Trimac

Post  Madness on 2014-03-27, 14:00

Took care of them for you. All you need to do is paste the URL to ^^ your video ^^ in the 'YouTube' tab on the control panel.

I tried to do this again, and I just wasted an hour of my time to have it disappear AGAIN
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