Pet and pals, pearl street, Tacoma

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Pet and pals, pearl street, Tacoma  Empty Pet and pals, pearl street, Tacoma

Post  lloyd378 on 2013-10-26, 21:17

Stopped in as I was waiting for my take out order.....mistake!

Overall Experience .5
Cost 1
Quality of Fish 0
Variety 1
Service 0

The conditions were heart breaking. The Sarah mccloughlin angel song should have been playing. All fish were roughly$9.99 to matter the species or if it were pure or not. All tanks were covered in orange/ brown slime. Fish gasping for air, with torn up fins and bodies.  Had a hybrid jd x convict for sale marked as a livinstoni. I found one fish I wanted to rescue a 5-6" male festae looking fish. But I couldn't buy it because they didn't carry bags large enough. They suggested that I bring in my own large bags or a bucket as that's what all customers do when they want fish larger than 3". I was floored and explained my displeasure to the owner who suggested that maybe I try the petco down the street. Save yourself the time, heart break, and frustration and avoid this at all costs

Love thy fish!

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Pet and pals, pearl street, Tacoma  Empty Re: Pet and pals, pearl street, Tacoma

Post  DMD123 on 2014-08-04, 18:47

Overall Experience ?
Cost N/A
Quality of Fish N/A
Variety N/A
Service 3.5

I stopped in because I was on that side of town picking up something from Petco on 6th Ave. When I saw that the whole fish section was closed off by pet cages and what not, I was wondering what was going on. The employee was friendly but was not able to give me much of an answer as to what was happening because he had to take a phone call. So not sure if it was getting rid of fish completely or just downsizing. Since I could not rate the fish experience, I did give a rating for the friendly employee.
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Pet and pals, pearl street, Tacoma  Empty Re: Pet and pals, pearl street, Tacoma

Post  Anthraxx on 2014-08-15, 16:52

overall experience: 2
cost: 1
quality of fish: 1
variety: 1
lived within walking distance of this place for years now, the fish section has really gone downhill over quite awhile. used to be 2 shops but they closed one (the good one of course) and left this place alone. i got my maine coon here years ago (boss @#$ cat) but he had ear mites, worms, fleas etc. overall id say the people working here dont truly have time to care for their animals anymore. the fish section is completely closed off and they no longer have reptiles at all. overall id tell anyone to pass on this place, its only ever been a last resort place to take my unwanted fish. on a side note many of their products are incredibly old so make sure you check dates whenever u buy anything here.
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Pet and pals, pearl street, Tacoma  Empty Re: Pet and pals, pearl street, Tacoma

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