Guppy Wasting Disease...Is There a Cure?

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Guppy Wasting Disease...Is There a Cure?

Post  bluemarble224 on 2012-02-05, 02:59

I really think my tank of guppies is dying from Guppy Wasting Disease.
I would really like some advice about this malady.
I have done internet research and found no cure but I have had some ideas.
The fry always live til about 3-4 months then start looking starved, then die.
If the females do conceive and give birth they die right after giving birth.
My water quality is close to perfect and I do water changes weekly.
I am looking for solutions. Where did this come from? Can I ever use this tank again?
It is too upsetting to just get rid of them, flush them, etc.
Please help.


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Re: Guppy Wasting Disease...Is There a Cure?

Post  Aquarium Co-Op on 2012-03-13, 15:49

This is Camallanus Red worms. If you watch closing eventually you'll see some hanging out of the anus of your guppies. The only known treatment that actually works is Flubendizole and Levamisole.

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Sometimes it's easy to just start with fresh stock that is known to be healthy.

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